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Who We Are

We’re on a mission to improve the mental health of Black women so that they can show up confidently in every space of life.

What We Do

We have created a safe space and community that provides classes, courses and resources that caters specifically to our needs.

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BARE Life Classes

Monthly masterclasses to help you heal, learn and grow.

BARE Life Courses

An 8-week programme to help you delve deeper.


We can help you find a therapist for one to one counselling.

Client Testimonials

“I learnt so much about how to be shame resilient, there were feelings I had that I never actually identified as shame, today I learned to identify the feelings and how to manage them”

“The Class was full of wealth. I wish there was more time. A lot to chew on and to think about.”

“I didn’t have any expectations of the class, but I am so glad I came, I wish the class was longer!”

“Your workshop is amazing, I am learning so much about me. Over the last three months, I have seen a massive change in my life, Thank you so much Oby!”

“Exactly what I needed. It led to me processing some things and feeling better. Thank you for putting words to things in our hearts that we don't quite know how to express yet. Thank you so much for this conversation and the platform. I have been incredibly helped. I am so grateful”

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