Redefining the Strong Black Woman
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Redefining the Strong Black Woman

In this masterclass we will be exploring how we redefine the Strong Black Woman Ideal.

The following quotes puts it perfectly:

“The SBW or “superwoman” ideal is a unique cultural gender norm mandating that Black women uphold a mask of emotional and physical strength; appear fiercely self-reliant; and serve as caretaker for their family, church and community.” (Abrams,Maxwell, Pope & Belgrave, 2014, Donovan & West 2015)

For many the strong Black woman denotes a woman who pushed through against all odds, against every difficulty, trauma, oppression, abuse, poverty, loss, and betrayal.

We’ll be discussing how to navigate the internal and external factors that push against us embracing our humanness and the real fears that keep us from embracing our humanity.

Topics we’ll explore on the day

  • Debunking cultural, societal and stereotypical narratives of a Strong Black woman
  • Definition and exploration of Stress
  • Understand your stress signature
  • How to avoid burn-out, depression and anxiety
  • How to build resilience, boundaries and emotional health

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16 October 2021 19:30 - 21:30 Online Event Oby Bamidele Sharon Hastings £14.99

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