To help you to Heal. Learn. Grow.

BARE Life Classes provides a good mix of teaching, practical and creative exercises which make it interactive, fun and engaging.

Our masterclasses are pioneering and there’s none like it.

2-hour live masterclasses on topical subjects that address real and relevant life issues. Super interactive, live and engaging classes delivered via Zoom by expert coaches and facilitators. This is a great opportunity to gain unique insights, learn practical skills and ask questions in a safe and friendly space.

Deep down we desire to be true to ourselves, to find the courage to trust and follow our convictions in a world where we fear rejection and judgement when we step out of the ordinary and go against the norm. It takes courage and determination to choose to be You unapologetically. What will the world think? What will people say? Will I be accepted? Will people like me?

Our heart’s desire is to help you become authentic as you grow in full knowledge and awareness of yourself. We believe that the most important knowledge to have is self-knowledge.

If you are unable to attend the live masterclass, you can still purchase a ticket and you’ll be sent the video recording and resources after the event. 

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

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