Episode 4 – Money and Me
Chichi Eruchalu

How you feel about yourself influences how you treat your money. Between us, we have been in and repaid almost £100k of debt and in this episode, we share the journey of how we got there, our childhood money memories and what steps we take as adults to manage our money.

Being in debt can feel awful, the anxiety, the worrying, not knowing what to do, the hopelessness. But know you are not alone and the first step is acknowledging where you are and then seeking help.

If you’re dealing with debt and need support reach out to Step Change.

On Saturday 12th June – we’ll be holding a masterclass on How to Break Free from Unhealthy Money Habits. It is so important to understand how the relationship between your self-worth and how you manage money, understand your money scripts before effectively putting into practice money management tools, which we’ll also share with you.  If you would like to attend and are in financial difficulty, please contact me to receive a complimentary ticket.

Our favourite money books:

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